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AIA Group Limited, known as AIA, is the largest public listed pan-Asian life insurance, group. It offers insurance and financial services, writing life insurance for individuals and businesses, as well as accident and health insurance, and offers retirement planning, and wealth management services.

Lorna Tan of The Strait Times published the story of Mr. and Mrs. Ong Han Ling, whose purchase of a seemingly "simple" AIA insurance policy in 2002 has turned into a web of betrayal and legal suits. The AIA insurance scam made headlines late in 2010 as the first case here where an agent allegedly sold a non-existent policy.

Mr. Ong said the saga began around 2000 when he and his wife, Madam Enny Ariandini Pramana, bought policies from insurance agent Sally Low.

The five-year AIA Thank You plan bought in 2002 required a single premium payment of about US$5 million.

The Ongs alleged that it was only in 2008 that they found out from AIA that no such policy existed. Instead, the US$5 million was used by Low to buy four AIA policies in the Ongs' names but without their knowledge.

They also alleged that midway through the life of the AIA Thank You policy, Low told them that computer errors at AIA had caused three policies to be erroneously issued in the Ong family's name.

She is accused of then convincing the couple to surrender these policies and handing the insurance proceeds over to her as they had been led to believe that she was authorized to collect the funds on behalf of AIA. The three sums were about US$5.29 million, US$1 million, and $1 million. But there were no computer errors.

Low, a former top agent at AIA, earned more than $300,000 in annual commissions from new policies in 1999 and 2000.

In 2011, she was charged with 19 counts - four of cheating, 11 of fraudulent use of forged documents, and four of moving crime proceeds to bank accounts and to partially pay for a property.

In December 2013 she pleaded guilty to four charges of fraud and cheating.

However, when she appeared in court six months later, the State Courts rejected her plea after she disputed parts of the prosecution's statement of facts and claimed that she was a victim of a ploy by the Ongs to cheat AIA.

The State Courts treated her as having retracted her guilty plea.

The criminal case now appears to be moving to trial and the prosecution could proceed on all 19 charges totaling $8.89 million in claims against her.

Low, who was made bankrupt by her previous set of lawyers, has changed several lawyers in the last few years.


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Former Employee - Sales says

"Shady company, always asking about your money"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Commission based, must be very independent"

Former Employee - Marketing Manager says

"High politics, poor senior management, workload will make you sometime sick, not safe environment to talk ask for help."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Extremely slow technology adoption. 90% of manual work in Digital Technology department. Does not recommend for those who are good at technology and want to make the change. They just keep your position instead of considering the good change. Terrible C and Head level managers with politics Employee even can not claim insurance from company because the process is very slow . HR usually move your email to trash without being aware of that, need to call them or remind them several time to get the answer."

Current Employee - Human Resources Manager says

"Too many changes in HR team. Not a team as everyone is trying to play politics and see how to get favor of CHRO."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Progression Slow and not much decision making"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"damn tiring and keep getting rejected by people"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Poor management, negative environment."

Current Employee - Claims Specialist says

"No supportive management. Bad culture. Clicky groups"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1. Operations Involves many manual work. 2. In general people in my department would agree we can't learn anything from the boss. 3. System is crappy 4. They like to send survey to ask employee to rate satisfactions, but each team head would their own teammate to give full score, which is complete waste of time. HR mindset seems very idealistic and there's a huge gap from the reality. 5. Please never try to get into operations department as promotion opportunities would be minimal"

Financial Services Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Long hours, bad pay. Bad mangement. Not supportive. Not worth your time and you should find somewhere else. Not only for AIA but other jobs as well. Really bad"

Personal Assistant to the Wealth Management Director (Current Employee) says

"AIA Culture is really the worst one I have ever met (I mean if you work under agents)! Especially if your teammates are all from Mainland China, their attitude is very bad and they are so non- sense but only selfish. I seldom write such a bad comment but this is the only place that I regret working in."

BC (Former Employee) says

"Pengalaman kerja yg plg buruk yg saya rasakan krn saya harus kehilangan gaji saya senilai 3 juta krn ada pembatalan polis nasabah. Dan peraturan yg tiba2 muncul tidak sesuai dgn apa yg ada dlm kontrak kerja."

Team Leader/Manager (Current Employee) says

"AIA provide no work life balance as line management always push people to extend their working hour everyday. As one of the team leader in AIA, my view to the employee, they are drain. Really not recomended to this company"

Company Secretarial Assistant - Group Legal (Former Employee) says

"Bad cultures and team head with no management skills. She didn't care of her team and made lots of gossips during the day. Waste people's valuable time to listen her gossips."

Executive (Current Employee) says

"Full of blame games,No team work,Manipulative,No appreciation, No professionalism. Very long hours at least 12 hours averagely daily because old-school minded bosses who think a productive staff should work long hours when they spent their days talking & talking but seldom walk the talks. Talks involved non-work related that waste people time."

officer/ cashier (Former Employee) says

"They seek for unprofessional managers for branches, even the ones blacklisted in other insurance companies have been taken, just to increase business. Because of this other employees are unable to follow the rules and regulations in the company, and if anything goes wrong due to the managers fault, we are been blacklisted. So before hand I had to leave the place. And I recommend working in the head office, but not in branches. Never recommend anyone.If night shift you get Rs. 300.00 for employees. Wealthplanners only get commissionEvery end of the month only we should work late night."

DEPUTY MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"* Nothing much to learn * Promise profile but due to politics reason, did not materialise it * Staff benefits is good * Salary is good"

Coordinador Salud Ocupacional (Former Employee) says

"Durante la mayoria de los dias se debia revisar documentación de contratistas, visitas a campo a los diferentes frentes de trabajo, en esta experiencia aprendi sobre manejo de personal, manejo de personal el cual tiene un bajo nivel de educación y formación, hablar en publico y manejo proyectos de gran nivel. el ambiente de trabajo se tornaba un poco pesado debido a los tiempos de permanencia en el proyecto y el manejo de campamentos, en general se trabajaba en equipo.alimentación, viviendaPresión sobre el empleado por parte del personal de oficina principal, falta de acompañamiento adecuado en los proyectos"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"有番工無收工, 夠鐘放工但又要等其他同事做計完價錢,自己先可以做埋個job, 食飯時都被人叫做野,主管只會叫你做 但佢完全唔識做。人人番工唔準時,個個遲番又遲走。正常時間唔做野,加班先來做, turn over 60% above可以唔準時番工, 食2個鐘午飯無咩人做得長, 有問題搵唔到人問, 個個都係新人"

TeleSales Representative (Telesales in Insurance) says

"- Forced to work extra hours with no extra pay and make it compulsory to join work on four Saturdays in a month. - Able to learn more on types of Insurance. - The higher management was all fine just the Team Leaders make it hard for the team members. - Able to generate sales atleast 1-3 per day.NonWorking Hours"

Admin Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Daily mundane job that requires low to no skills. Employees there are strict and mistreats 'temporary' full timers. Other than that, it was interesting to learn of certain job scopes and what it entails."

Administrative (Former Employee) says

"That is nothing speacial in this company nothings to learn and the first day i work that don't have any people in the office to teach me! They write down note and ask me to do"

Assistant Manager - Group Internal Audit (Former Employee) says

"The people overall are nice. However, poor management structure making the environment very political and bureaucratic. Everyone seemed to be money driven. The hardest part of the job is the lack of work life balance and good employee healthcare and benefits. The company seemed to seek profits off from its own employees by selling its own products and mandate employees to purchase 5% of the salary for MPF.Free promotional items such as cups/t-shirts/cupcakesLong hours with lack of rewards"

Secrerary (Current Employee) says

"Flexible working time..I learned a lot of new things regarding insurance. Good management system.My co-workers all very helpful and cheerful.The hardest part of my job is I'm always will be busy and I have to deal with all type of client. The most enjoyable part of my job is I can meet up with lot of people and from them I can sharpen my knowledge.Health care"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Relatively stress free work environment. Friendly colleagues which makes going to work something to look forward to. However, management is not something to be desired.steady work hourshardly any benefits"

Sales Consultants (Former Employee) says

"I don't like being an Insurance broker after a few years at Insurance company. My clients feel hard to make a long- life payment. I like to be a furniture sales as people feel happy while they purchase budget & quality funirure."

秘書 (Former Employee) says

"某管理層只會追數, 沒有人性。公司同事友善,守望相助,公司制度還可, 保障大,福利多,有不同活動輕鬆。"

Clerical gred 2 (Current Employee) says

"i am willing to work with team who are able to work together with me. I am studying acca for a reason to learn more and gain my knowledge in accounting. I am looking for a job that relates to my study and that will help me. For my better future."

Assistant Manager, Consumer Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Beware of bosses who do not have sufficient knowledge and know how. A lot of politics and bad leadership. Working level people are very competent but not always recognised."

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